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Cannot Read Anything...

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My Windows XP Professional cannot read anything, well not really anything. When I inserted a Windows 7 CD in the CD-ROM, it did not read it. Did not even open an AutoPlay, I tried going to My Computer but it seems like theres no CD in the CD-ROM.
1 more thing, I tried booting using a USB using A Bootable USB from the W7V forum. Again, a Windows 7 on it. I tried inserting it, but did not open a AutoPlay. Tried going to  My Computer. And yes! Its there, I opened it did not but did not run the autorun.inf I got directly in the folder. So I open the setup.exe and an error pop-up. Saying 'Not a valid Win32 application.' Something like that... Help? I need to reformat my PC.




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If you know that the disk has 7 on it and you've been able to check the disk for errors somewhere than it's probably just a problem with xp that is stopping it from reading the disk.

If it's a 64bit system on the disk then your 32 bit xp will give you an error as you can't run a 64bit application in a 32 bit environment.

Just put the disk in and boot to it and all should be good :)

Just make sure that you have another install disk that you know to work to hand just incase the 7 disk has errors. Which it could quite possibly do if it was burned using your xp install..

Hope this helps pal  :)



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I think the Win7 disc might have been burned too fast and caused some writing errors. This isn't all that uncommon. When I burned my Win7 disc I burned it at  8x to ensure I don't have this sort of issue. Just some thoughts of my experiences.




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Another possibility is that the disc was burned in a UDF format not readable by anything older than Vista. To test this theory see if your computer can boot from the Win7 disc. If it can't, the problems with your optical drive or the disc. If it can, then there's your problem.
OR you can whack the disc into a Vista machine, and see if that will read it.

If you're trying to do make it read the Win7 disc to do an upgrade, you can't upgrade from XP->Win7. You have to go XP->VistaSP1/SP2->Win7 (Win7 upgrade requires at least Vista SP1, it won't upgrade a SP0 version). It's a lot better and easier just to format and do a clean install. You'll get much less errors that way

Hope that helps  :P

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