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Internet Problem

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I have an internet problem, it was working fine before my friend borrowed it. When he returned it to me. Im already having difficulty in internet. In the task bar, I can see that my computer is connected to my internet. But when I surf the internet it will be later loss, then it will be there again andvice versa. I tried restarting my computer but still the same. I tried restarting my browser but still the same. I tried using Internet Explorer (because I'm using Google Chrome) but it doesnt connect to the internet too. I removed the things that I installed when I got my computer back. But nothing happen. I tried to use my Broadband internet (this is the portable one, you just plug it in your computer via USB port) but gives me an error. Please help me. I don't want the answer to be reformat it. Yes, I will reformat it because I will install Windows 7 on it but I want the solution to  my problem to help other people with the same problem. And incase this happen to my other computer that I don't want to reformat.
PS I'm using Eee PC 1000h with Windows XP on it.




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may be have to clean up by some security and trick&track soft, some registry cleaning with deep scan, and some antiviruse scaning most scaner is free now, i will sugest use malwarebyte's first, and after some like avast home or pro edition, or bitdeffender or drweb free scaners, and after do this clean registry, but bedor look for new soft in ur pc, and look at autostart list, and yet, look at ur connections by some soft for this
if u got speed problem this can be just 2 causes some spam troyan like "i love you" or something change ur network settings, most of happenings is dns changes, some time u can use internal dns in phone router like my is can be looking 10.100.10*** or 192.168.*** and if not, u can found dns spetialy of ur provider just go 2 them site and look for dns
i use 3 things mbam avast and manual option for qhost firewall, other people can say u what very nice use comodo or online armor or something else, in any way befor serf internet spetialy porno, warez, crack finders, and other site like this u realy must have good securety wall on ur system



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yuh, sounds like yo have a virii, as dladna said, get MAlwarebytes AND superantiSpyware and run both to clean your system. I find SAS will clean it up 99.9% of teh time. Then get thee a reall AV program, I like NOD as it has kept my sys clean even when i surf where i know i shouldnt and get told so by NOD. Then you need to lock down your hosts file so if you ever do something so dumb as giving your lappy to a buddy again, he cant frak it up on you.
for a how too
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