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Ultimate Android Guide for Beginners

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This article is meant for people who are new to Android, existent users who’d like to take a look into open source side of Android (the tasty side) and for those who got a bit rusty (went for Windows phone for a few years maybe) and would like to freshen up their knowledge. What caused you to click on this one is actually not important. The important thing is that you get what you came for, therefore let’s take a look of what we are going to cover.



Read more:


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Well, this is an interesting read. I especially liked the  color pic about android security. Personally, I think android security is a joke. By the time Google, the manufacturer & the carrier get through with the phone the security is totally borked - not nonexistent but a danger to the user. All three use the phone to collect data about the user. And the US govt, is right there, collecting data. Encrypting the phone is a good start, but it helps mainly when the phone is off. When the phone is on it is programmed by Google, the manufacturer and the carrier to send them your data - usually without your knowledge or permission. Last year I purchased a MotoX from Republic wireless. 24/7 it was sending out and receiving data. I turned off sync and everything else I could find that accessed data. It didn't help. In about 3 days it would use up all of my monthly 'unlimited' data. When I complained to Republic, they blamed Motorola. I decided to fire all of them and put my phone in the drawer that has all of my obsolete tech. It is now a $300 paperweight. I wont use another smartphone until they make significant improvement to security. Since I live in the US, where the government is in the pocket of the businesses, I wont hold my breath. tammerlane.

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