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Microsoft reissues KB 3022345 patch, but does it solve Win8.1 installer failure?

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Microsoft reissues KB 3022345 patch, but does it solve Win8.1 installer failure?
Also rereleases KB 3046306 and KB 3048043 patches without explanation
On Tuesday Microsoft re-released three old patches with no explanation as to why they were re-released or what was wrong with the original patches.
In the case of KB 3022345, the optional patch "to enable the Diagnostics Tracking Service" that failed to install with error 800F0922 (as described in late April), there's no acknowledgment of the installer failure and no indication whether this new patch fixes the problem. There is, however, an indication that this version of the patch is for Windows 7, whereas the previous version was for Windows 8.1.
The announcement for the re-issued MS 15-035/KB 3046306 -- a critical patch from April 14 that fixes a hole in processing EMF files -- is dated May 4. The KB article says it was last updated April 27. There's no explanation in the KB article, the MS 15-035 post, or anywhere else that I can find that says why it was re-released, but there is an indication that if you have already installed it you don't need to re-install it.
The third patch, KB 3048043, fixes a bug in Windows 8.1 that causes the screen to flicker when you drag tiles on the Metro side. There's no indication why the patch was re-released and no description of the problem. Microsoft advises, though, that you must re-install KB 3048043 if it's installed already. The KB article is now up to version 3.

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In the case of KB 3022345, the optional patch "to enable the Diagnostics Tracking Service"


I think the problem is in the LAST 2 WORDS " Tracking Service "  It probably worked but did'nt track what they wanted it to track, US !!!!!! they can call it what ever they want, but, they really want a way to track how we are using the OS's and crapola they make .... :thefinger:

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If your getting the dread error of 0x800f0922 (I got this with the update KB3022345 ) i just uninstalled KB3045999 then without restarting installed KB3022345 and then re-installed KB3045999, finally i restarted my computer boom it works.

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What ever you do, be very careful, last nite - one system rec\d 32 Special Priority UPDATES on Security.

well this AM it will not boot, so doing a RESTORE, and hope the HDD is ok, still have 25 min time left.

ya i know all my stuff is so dang slow

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Fully updated on my 3 OSes, W7 Ultimate x64, W8.1 Pro, & W10 b10074 & nothing bad to report here.

I haven't any discrete graphics though, and for once I'm glad for the moment.   :histerija:

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