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Due to a issue I had on UPGRADING a New Laptop from SATA Hdd to SSD Hdd and the ability to install and use Window 8 - 8.1 - 10. 
Found that many LAPTOPS are useing RAID function for "faster" speeds.
but also find that many have less Memory than most people want to use.
Sample:  Laptop comes with mSata + 1TB 5400 RPM Sata HDD.
next you want to upgrade the memory and Now you seem to be SLOWER on BOOT or Recovery.
reason is I find that most manufactures set the mSata to only work with 8 GB Memory. so if you add to
12gb or 16gb you actually   slowered down your entire computer.
8gb memory uses 13 to 16gb of the mSATA and you have to change so as to have access to a bigger SWAP.
fix: must be done carefully.
Right-click on the cmd tool and select Run as administrator.
 A command line utility will open. Type in diskpart.exe and press Enter.
 At the DISKPART> prompt, type the following commands, in the order shown:
DISKPART>list disk

DISKPART>select disk X
(X is the disk number where you want to create the store partition. Refer to results from “list disk”
for exact disk number. Disk must be an SSD or mSata)
DISKPART>create partition primary size=Y000
(Y is the size in GB for the partition. For example, for 8 GB, the value should be 8000. The value of
Y should be equal or larger than the amount of memory in the system)

My mSata was 32 GB but only set to use 13.6gb which was needed for 8GB Memory.

so to fix I used

select disk 3

diskpar t clean (so as to totally clear all info on the mSata

then select disk 3 (again to make sure)

create partition-primary size 29000

DISKPART>detail disk
DISKPART> select Volume Z
(Z is Volume of your store partition. Refer to results from “detail disk” for exact volume number)
DISKPART>set id=84 override
(The id must be set to 84)


Now your ready to DL the latest Windows 8.1-10 - Intel Rapid Start Technology software.

then open and install - it might take a bit since the program does fix the mSata to work properly, it will then enable it.

(doing this took my cold start to 1m 35s. with no delay.)


Next I used my favorite CLONE SOFTWARE to clone the 1TB 5400 to then new 100GB SSD.


next was nobody told me this - it took lots of research and several superusers to guide me thru.

I did not know that my Laptop was using RAID configuration, and no where did my manuals tell me this.

and only by (recommended by SuperUser).  swap out the  SATA  insert the SSD, then boot to.

on boot I was instantly told that I could not boot to NON_RAID. configuration.

at logo C+L would allow me to set Computer Configuration to NON-RAID.

OK set to non-raid then f10 to save and exit.

auto reboot -

boot time was 33s. no delay, and Welcome Snuffy.

shutdown and cold start is still in the 32 to 33s range..


insert the old Sata as HDD2. boot to bios and set boot options to

1. removable Media (so I have USB Boot)

2. HDD#1 - SSD

3. HDD#2 - Sata (which i formatted- and now have as storage)




Thanks to SuperUser and Cog & Dave for this info.

Snuffy now has a Laptop that is Window 10 Pro. and superfast. 


PS: the moral is SSD will not function as/in RAID config.



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