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Crucial Updates Storage Executive: Now with Momentum Cache for SSD

SSD software SSD firmware updates DRAM cache

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Crucial was late to the "SSD Toolbox" software party, delivering an easy to use GUI software tool for SSD management years after many competitors. When finally released, Storage Executive still lacked one of the best software features many associate with Samsung's Magician software, DRAM cache.
Today, Crucial updated Storage Executive, adding a new feature called Momentum Cache. The features uses some of your system's DRAM to buffer random data writes. This increases the storage system's burst IO up to 10x, but it also has a long term impact on SSD endurance. Random data writes wear flash faster than sequential writes. With DRAM absorbing the random data, then pushing the data to the SSD as sequential data, the drive endurance increases significantly.



In addition to the new feature, Storage Executive also allows users to:
    Update to the latest firmware
    Monitor drive's temperature and health
    Reset the drive's encryption password
    Easily check how much storage has been used

The new Momentum Cache feature turns Storage Executive software into a must-run piece of software, rather than software users run just to update the firmware and forget.
"We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of solid state storage," said Jonathan Weech, storage marketing manager, Crucial. "Software that optimizes performance and keeps Crucial SSDs running efficiently is another example of how we make upgrading easy."
Crucial Storage Executive can be easily installed from www.crucial.com/se; is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and newer operating systems; and works with the Crucial M500, M550, MX100, MX200 and BX100 SSDs.



Like Samsung's RAPID software, the Crucial Storage Momentum only works on boot devices. Over the next month, we plan to test all of the SSD Toolbox software from all manufactures and write a review covering the features and usefulness.
dave notes: I was a little late to the party in finding this feature in Storage Executive in my attempts in trying to RAID0 my 2x 500Gb mSATA SSDs. It wasn't until I separated them with one in a mSATA > SATA converter adapter & one in the RAID adapter (single as JBOD) that I saw the speed increase with Momentum cache enabled.

Also note that Momentum cache enabled is highly recommended to have a battery backup with your power source. Laptops have this built in usually, but on a decktop or AIO PC without, a UPS is encouraged.

Sorry, the only RAID 0 Benchmark is with a differrent benchmark tool.



This when momentum cache can't work since the SSD can't recognize it's enabled.

Both SSDs are boot devices with an OS



W10 SSD in single adapter as SATA3  with Momentum cache enabled



W8.1 SSD single SATA2 with Momentum cache enabled



The cached enable smokes the RAID0 performace no contest. No worries, I have a SATA3 port multiplier board in hand & just waiting for another single mSATA > SATA adapter, & power splitter & SATA data cables to arrive to get all my drives running SATA3 in this AIO PC with only 1 SATA3 port out.


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