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Torrent Speed

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Guyz, does anyone know how to speed my torrent?? I`m desperate xD My dl speed is max 120kbytes/s, but my internet speed is 1mbyte/s.I`m using laptop wirelles, my connection quality is max (excellent), `cause my modem is 3m away from laptop xD. Ports report that they are ok (I`m using µTorrent and icon is green), so I realy don`t know how to increase my torrent dl speed, I even tried µTorrent ultra accelerator, but still it`s the same. I tried to use technic from tips & tricks, but my device menager doesn`t show any ports, even at hidden devices.  :'(


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It may be due to your ISP restricting bandwidth. Take a look here:


I have Verizon Fios 35mb up/down and I still get torrents at less than 1Kb due to download restriction being placed on the torrent by the seeders who are too stingy to share. When that happens, just try searching google for your torrent.

Good Luck :occasion14:




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Unless you can verify somehow that the downloader or uploader you are connected is able or configured to get to your maximum speed...  sounds like there is nothing wrong!
Someone may be downloading from 20 other sites, who knows!
I've been uploading to one peer for weeks at 2kb!  At a private site, I download from a seed (who I know!) at my max.
I wouldn't worry...  watch out for fake programs that say they can increase your speed!


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