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WIN 10 upgrade issue

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So I ran the WIN 10 upgrade on my daughters Dell laptop, running WIN 7. Had some issues with WIN 10 that seemed to be resolved with a BIOS update. So I get WIN 10 installed and running on the laptop. One more issue! The screen will randomly "blink" it will look fine then blink then come back on. I'm assuming that it is a video driver issue. So the Dell website driver for her laptop has the most current driver. It is the one installed.


The WIN 10 shows that her computer is able to run WIN 10, but don't actually show if it checks the video card for compatibility.


Is the video card a known issue for WIN 10 upgrades? Any way to make the video work with WIN 10? Or is she stuck with WIN 7 until she buys a new computer?


Or have I missed the boat and it is more likely a installed program issue?


At that point I was frustrated and she needed her computer, so I rolled back to WIN 7 and returned it to her. I would like to get it back and try again if it may work. Maybe something I missed.

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Once an upgrade is done MS will search and install the latest Grapics driver on 90% of the Laptops now what I have found doing as many as I have upgrading laptops is this the screen will randomly blink on and off during the driver install and while the first updates are installed did you reboot and do all the updates then check once more?

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Thank You.


Yes I'm pretty sure all the updates were installed. It was not like an installation was causing the blinking. Maybe I should run the install again and let it run for a while.


Luckily it was easy to roll back to 7 after the failed upgrade.

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I was given a Windows 7 (also was told by MS 100% Windows 10.)

Due to ERROR every time it was booted... (she bought a new Windows 10 OEM Acer)

but it has a Graphics Issue, which I have resolved most of.

1. Works perfect on Windows 7 Home Premium (OEM)

2. started issues with Windows 10 Forced Upgrade.

a. checked all drivers, all 100% OK, per Acer and MS.

b. Acer says NO for Windows 10. any version

c. Ran tests and find ATIBD is issue,

ATIBT fails instantly when on battery,  click OK on failure, works fine,

display dimmed to about 50%.   recommended level by Acer and MS.

FIX: delete ATIBTMon.exe

reboot and no errors no matter what.

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I've not had that particular problem with the display flashing, but I've had nothing but trouble upgrading Windows 7 computers to Windows 10. I've found that performing a clean install of Windows 10 will resolve all the problems and give me a working Windows 10 machine (such as it is). Luckily, Microsoft recorded your hardware info when you upgraded from Windows 7. So you can download Windows 10 from Microsoft and install it, taking the option to customize the installation and deleting all partitions on the C: drive. You can skip both the requests to enter a key, and Windows will automatically activate itself once Windows 10 is done installing. Just make sure you backup all your data before you wipe the disk.


**edited for clarity**

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Actually SO MUCH for MS and 100% working approved compatible, BS to the 100% level.

FORCE the  upgrade, and then restore back is mostly BS not working for many.

and they are not TECH savy, or have Great Forum Info to know how to RESTORE back or get things WORKING,

so they either PAY up the NOSE for some Computer SHOP to CLEAN Install back to Windows XXXX,

or simply go buy a NEW Windows 10.

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In my experience, Windows 10 tends to have display driver issues on non Intel VGA Cards (Ati and Nvidia). A clean install to build 1511 is usually your best bet. If you used the assistant to get an upgrade disk or to upgrade directly, you are more likely to be running an earlier (buggier) Windows build. I found that out the hard way, since after installing, Windows 10 asked me to update to 1511 (which took 3 hours and broke my startmenu on one pc).


If your pc manufacturer has windows 10 drivers available use those. If it doesn't, then you have several alternatives you can try:

  • Try finding generic VGA drivers from your VGA card manufacturer (Ati, Nvidia or Intel).
  • You can try using Windows 8 drivers from either the pc or vga card manufacturer.
  • You can use driverspack solution to get updated drivers (I prefer downloading the ISO over the online option).

Since MS saves your hardware information when you first upgrade, there is no rush to change back to 10 as the option to upgrade should remain past the deadline since you already did it once; as Tanman suggested.

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I have a machine (spare) that I have switched out two cards, one a ATI, the other Nvidia because of this issue.  Found out the video card was not sitting good in the slot.  In testing, I mix and match allot.  The slot was worn out.  The MB had another slot for a crossfire setup, so I used the other slot and it now works fine.

If you are using on-board video (Intel?), you might wand to use AIDA64 or another utility to see if the chip is overheating.

Could also happen with add-in card.  Some inexpensive ones do not come with fans.


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