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DVDFab 2016 Halloween Treats — You Got a Chance to Switch Unexpired Licenses for Windows to macOS

Halloween Prmotion DVD Copy switch license

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Fengtao Software today rolls out its 2016 Halloween Gorgeous Treats for the most horrified season of the year, offering a 25% discount on its bestseller of all time – DVDFab All-In-One Lifetime Gift, a 30% coupon applicable on some select hot-selling bundles, and a rare chance for existing customers to switch unexpired licenses from Windows to Mac operating system, or vice versa. The Gorgeous Treats starts today and ends at the end of November 7. Read on for the detailed story.

25% off the DVDFab All-In-One Lifetime plus $20 Amazon Gift Card
As the most popular versatile bundle from Fengtao Software, DVDFab All-In-One Lifetime Gift has the all lifetime versions of its Copy, Ripper, Converter and Creator modules covered, forming an all-in-one solution to back up DVDs, Blu-rays and all the other videos of all formats. Purchasing this all-inclusive package during the 2016 Halloween Gorgeous Treats period, everyone can enjoy 25% off and in the meantime, get a $20 Amazon Gift Card totally for free! Be noted that the offer stands till the end of Nov. 7, don’t be late!
Save 30% to Get the Wanted Hot-selling Bundles
If the above-mentioned All-In-One package is not exactly what you are really looking for, then there are still many other fantastic choices that also can save you a lot during this time of the year. To be specific, anyone who purchases these hot-selling bundles – the DVD Copy + DVD Ripper bundle, the Blu-ray Copy + Blu-ray Ripper bundle, the Copy Suite, or the Ripper Suite – either for Windows or Mac version, can save 30% while checking out. Bear in mind you have to get the deal nailed before the offer expires on Nov. 7, if you want to save money.
Just $50 to Switch the OS for Unexpired Licenses
In response to existing customers’ increasing demand on switching the unexpired licenses to another platform if they change their Windows computer to Mac, or vice versa, Fengtao Software rolls out this OS switching service again to meet those special needs. However, the switch service is an irreversible process, meaning once it is done, there is no way going back. So, do think twice before filing an application. Be reminded that this service will cost you $50, and you have to complete the procedure before the offer expires on Nov. 7.
For the detailed terms and conditions of the DVDFab 2016 Halloween Gorgeous Treats, please visit www.dvdfab.cn/promotion.htm
Original Article: http://www.dvdfab.cn/news/82

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