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Surface pro 4 wifi problem

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Hi not sure if i am allowed to ask this sort of question but its doing my head in. I have the surface pro 4 designed for windows 10 with the Microsoft dock  all is fine untill I plug the monitor in and that shuts off the wifi. I have googled it but so far no fix anyone had the same problem and know of a fix. Thanks in advance.



















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Have you looked in your Settings > Network & Internet > WiFi (on right column) to see if you can switch it back on? Is it greyed out OR just switches back off?




If not, this may fix you: With your monitor already plugged in to the dock & working, Goto Device Manager > your Wifi Adapter > right click on your adapter & disable (wait about 15 sec) & re-enable, the return to your Settings > Network & Internet > WiFi (on right column) to see if you can switch it back on, BUT don't try to connect if it does (unless it auto-connects), but reboot & see if it auto-connects. I've had this work on one HP notebook that I was :banghead: for days with WiFi issues.


Moved to W10 Help Area from W10 News BTW.  ;)

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Several things to do.

1. Make sure you have the latest of all MS Driver and Firmware and updates.

2. check your Dock Power

3. check your monitor compatibility

and you might mention what Monitor you are trying to use. the list of What works and what does not is very long.

4. check Manufacture to see if any updated driver or firmware


Clear your display cache

Here's how:

Step 1: Undock your Surface from the Surface Dock. Step 2: Download the Surface Dock registry fileexternal.png, and in the File Download dialog box, select Open. Step 3: Select and run surface dock registry.reg. Step 4: Select Yes to allow changes to your Surface, select Yes to confirm, and then select OK to close. Step 5: Restart your Surface, reconnect it to the Surface Dock, and try your external display again.


Reset the dock and monitor
  • Remove the Surface Connector from your Surface, turn the connector over, and plug it back in. Make sure the connection is secure and the indicator light is on.
  • If you’re still having problems, try resetting the power by unplugging your Surface Dock from the power outlet and plugging it back in.
  • Try unplugging your monitor from the power outlet and plugging it back in.



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Tried all of the above with no fix its does not shut the wifi off it stops internet connection and as soon as i pull the monitor cable out of dock internet returns. If i plug the monitor directly into the sp4 alls fine  it seems a problem with the dock.  It seems i am not the only one with this problem but cant find out if MS has a fix, there is a lot off complaints about this online. My monitor is a LG 27ed22 .

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Windows 10 and wifi has been the bane of my existence on my Dell Venue 11. Twice updates broke it.

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managed a work around plugged a usb wifi adapter into dock and alls well wifi and monitor working well. 

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