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NuePanel - an alternative Control Panel


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NuePanel is a compact alternative to Control Panel which makes more than 150 Windows applets and tools accessible from a single interface

You’ll find all the Control Panel essentials (Device Manager, Registry Editor), versatile problem solvers (Windows Troubleshooting, Action Centre), informative system loggers (Event Viewer, Resource Monitor), and a host of tools you might not even realise you had (Quick Assist, Internet Explorer Diagnostics, Remote Shutdown…)


We’ve added a few custom extras, too. Like a button to open your router settings page, or another to filter the Windows Event log, displaying only the most important errors in the last 24 hours.


The program does its best to help you find what you need. Tools which aren’t available on your PC are hidden, everything else is split into sensibly-named tabs, and there’s a Search box to track down missing applets.


The interface may look like it was thrown together in five minutes (okay, two), but it does have some worthwhile extras. Resize the window and the buttons automatically rearrange to fit; the Search box remembers your last few entries; a hotkey hides those oddball expert-only applets you’ll never, ever use (or restores them if you do); and  your settings are saved for when nuePanel runs next.




There’s some intelligence built in to the engine, too. NuePanel doesn’t just blindly use hard-coded folder and file names– it searches for items like Office programs, finds where they’re located for more reliable launching, and hides buttons for programs you haven’t installed or applets which aren’t available in your Windows version.


NuePanel is available for 32 and 64-bit Windows 7 and later. Download 412KB zip & run from the extracted folder. No installation required.


Be aware, because this is a new program, and contains many calls to system tools, it’s highly likely it’ll be flagged as malicious by some antivirus tools. These are false alarms. There’s not a lot we can do about them, at least in a hurry, but they should decrease over time, and you can always see the current consensus view by uploading nuepanel.exe to virustotal.com.


Source:   http://nuetools.co.uk/


Download:   http://www.downloadc.../34691-nuepanel


Please thank our admin cognizione for locating & passing this on our forum.

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Sorry, my 3,384 images hosted with Dropbox will no longer show.



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Nice move -- > Dave :)

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Thanks for sharing,,, but I'm waiting for the program that makes win10 work and act like win XP... ;)

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Earthmaan1 or EM1




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Thanks for sharing this is a useful piece of software

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Thank you dave and cognizione

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  Thanks dave, great little app.  :occasion14:     :headbang:

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Best new tool I've picked up a long. Thank you very much!

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