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These are very simple rules. If you can't follow them, please do not sign up!!

Posting Rules
          o 1. NO SPAMMING the forum no discussions of religious or politcal posts in nature we have a zero tolerance policy you maybe banned permanently for breaking these three rules without notice!!
          o 2. NO SPAMMING! - Posting links to other sites for advertisement. Only Useful links related to the thread
          o 3. Posts must be written in English
          o 4. All links that lead outside of beyondwindows9.com will be anonymized using anonym.to service, for extra security
          o 5. Do Not Start a Fight or continue it, i.e. no flaming, we are a nice forum & derogatory remarks toward another member will not be tolerated.
          o 6. Do Not Post anything Pornographic, nor Violent!. No-racism! If you say Racist words, You have 1 Warning before you are permanently Banned!
          o 7. Do Not spam to increase post count, will be warned/removed, by staff!..3 warnings before you are permanently banned!
          o 8. If you are posting a download or posting with a URL (link), YOU MUST give full details about it.  No Exceptions!!
          o 9. NO POSTING OF MOVIES OR MUSIC ALLOWED!! If you do, you will be Banned without notice!!
          o 10. No Double posting. Just edit your post if you're the last poster in the thread.
          o 11. Bare in mind that you are responsible for what you post! No crack/hack talk/post/requests in public forums. Again, No Exceptions!!

      Private Messages (PM)
          o NO spamming via Personal Messages
          o Do not send anything Pornographic or Violent!. No-racist comments.

          o 1.Do not SPAM the ChatBox with Images when a member (Staff or not) is helping someone
          o 2.Do not Start or continue an fight/argument you will receive one (1) warning before you are blacklisted from chatroom
          o 3.NO Pornography, No Violence, No-racism = permanent ban

      Help & Request
          o 1.Do not post your E-Mail for help and/or requests
          o 2.Do not get mad if your problem and/or request was not solved

      Avatar & Signature
          o 1.NO Pornography, NO Violence, NO Racism, = PERMANENT Ban!
          o 2.No Links, either Live or image in your Avatar & Signature without approval from the staff
          o 3.Signatures (One Image!) no larger than 300x50
DISCLAIMER: This site does not store any files on its server.
We only index and link to content provided by other websites.

The staff and owners will not be held Liable for any damage to your computer from any advise you get on the forum from staff or members you agree that you are responsible for your own computer problems if Not you are not welcome and should find another forum for your help.
by becoming a member you agree to the terms and conditions set forth.

No requests for any type of hacked software or help, any mention of them in the members sections will not be tolerated.  Anyone requesting help with pirated material or posting download links to  pirated material will be warned and or banned from the forum and posts removed.


Becoming A VIP Member gives you Unlimited access to the forum and many special releases and contests!!

No files are hosted on beyondwindows9.com server and we are not responsible what our users post on this website

Beyond Windows 9 is in compliance with 17 U.S.C. § 512 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"). No files found here are hosted on Beyond Windows 9 server.

All files linked here are for educational purposes only. Upon downloading you must delete them within 24 hours.

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Make sure you read the forum rules first, before you start posting.

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