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System recovery not working (either)

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I'm going to remove everything from my computer because I'm really getting sick of it, but my system recovery isn't working. All it shows is a blue screen and the cursor an nothing else. Only way tp shut it down is by holding the on/off button.
Any advise?

Factory: Hewlett-Packard Company
Model: s7720.nl
Processor: AMD Athlon 64x2 dual core processor 3800+ 2.00 GHz
RAM: 894 MB
Type: 32- bits



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HP Recovery Manager can be accessed from the Start Menu, or by tapping F11 key as soon as you power on the laptop. Recovery Manager is used to reinstall back to factory specs, also used to make a Recovery Disk set. So if you tried from within Windows try again during boot @ HP logo screen and tapping F11 key is important or you'll get a stuck key error.

You can also try pressing F8 and looking for a 'Repair my computer' option that may tie into the Recovery Manager, or lastly the recovery disks that you can make from within Windows may also have a tie in to the factory restore of the Recovery Manager.

This is all taking consideration that the recovery partition is still intact. You can see if it is by going to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management, and there should be one or 2 partitions that aren't labeled w/ a drive letter. Approximately 10Gb or less.


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A 2.0Ghz system with 1Gig of Ram isn't the best spec sorry.
I'd personally start at the Ram, then reinstall your chosen OS, and maybe consider a Graphics card (128Mb of your Ram is being eaten up by the on-board graphics so a PCI would carry the burden instead)
If you don't have any OS discs, they can be downloaded from numerous sites (avoid cracked copies as they're dodgy as hell) and use the key you have for your existing copy, basically a fresh install.
All the software you'll need to 're-HP' it is available from the HP support site.
Check Amazon for Ram and don't be put off by 'Refurbished' ram, it's cheaper than new and 99% of vendors will exchange if faulty, i use refurb'd all the time. Same goes for a graphics card, a simple 'Used' 128Mb card will suffice if you only want basic use, for gaming, you'll need bigger for better lol :P
I know i got hit by an unidentified 'virus' that shut down my external connections, usb, internet, dvd drive so i had to pull my HDD and reformat on another machine before starting over, i lost 6Tb of data

ps, if your near Swansea, South Wales, pm me and i'll call round to see if i can help



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AMD X2?  You're probably restoring back to early Vista.  You would have lots of updates to install before the system would be safe again to use the Internet for other than updates!
If it was my system, I would backup my data, delete all partitions to recover the added space and install Windows 7.  As long as you have another system handy connected to the internet, drivers should be easy to find.

I found a well known computer repair site (yea, there is no such thing as a good vs bad site) with a zero day Java exploit yesterday, so first thing...  install the newest apps and support for internet enabled programs, including the latest Adobe Flash and Oracle Java VM, and a no-brainer...  antimalware or AV program.


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