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massive video driver problem

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It is a problem with many Toshiba Laptops models and Video card, as i said over here. Had to wait 5 months to get a New one and Toshiba could not replace it so i got the Money back.
The Qosimo X 300-11W was only 4 months old.

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Hello everyone. Good advice all. Let me add another overwhelming variable to the pile. I know of what I am about to share because it did happen to me, very much as you have described.


Bought a new desktop built by one to these computer show outfits. Goodbrand name stuff in it. Western Digital, Asus Motherboards,  etc. Ran great until it came up against a cpu intensive program then sooner or later -  bluescreen, crash, and error message and data dumps like you've discribed. Just not always. This continued in otherwise random patterns of events. I tried just about every suggestion I've read here. All good. No results. Finally, I drove the desktop about 70 miles to the computer show outfit's office/shop. I told them what happened and what I observed. They told me that couldn't be. They ran system diagnostic software and nothing. I told them to give me my cash back intending to give up the fight.


Only one thing hadn't been replaced to the entire configuration. The Motherboard -  because "it couldn't be!" Rather than loose the dineros they temporarily swaped out the MB to prove this to me but something occured, or didn't occur. The computer ran great and intensive CPU software didn't skip a beat. By the way they swapped out the MB (and each part along the way) with a high speed drill and screw driver attachment. Kinda like an air-powered ratcheting wrench on you car's wheels' aluminumn lugs and lug nuts...  tight, tighter, pop! the sound of an aluminumn lug snapping off at the wheel hub. $$$ At this point in my story, the owner and head technition said to me in confidence, "you know we've had some problems with these ASUS MB's developing hairline cracks," right where the screws tightens it down!


Toshiba is known for not giving there laptop consumers "quality" work when building or fixing their shiny new laptops. This was readily acknowledged by a friend of mine who works in their customer service department. Just a thought shared... albeit ad nauseum.


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Also have you tried a linux live cd?

If the laptop plays up there then it could be a hardware issue. Something to think about.


i was always told that if a linux live cd works it is more than likely an issue inside windows o/s, if linux doesn't work its hardware related.


not sure how true this is mind, but the logic makes sense lol.


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