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Incorrect Link Here

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I clicked on a "Windows Vista Help" link and arrived here on the XP site.  Yes, I am viewing this on my laptop "XP" because the problem with my "Vista" is it won't connect up with either my "MSIE" or my "FireFox" browser.  I click on the desktop links and nothing happens but the little twirling icon after I click on link, then it stops.  Even if I go to the folder that has the actual "EXE", it does the same thing.  No connection.

I tried to reinstall both browsers, and it tells me that "MSIE comes with Vista" then it says that FireFox is already installed.

I have stuff on my 'desktop' that I really use when on WWW, so would like to have it WWW compatable.

Thank U



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Sounds like a malware problem.  Internet Explorer IS a part of Windows.  FF will not work - yes, it's malware. 
You have lots of symptoms with no common thread.
Try installing Microsoft Security Essentials, download it from another computer straight from Microsoft, it's free.  Also try the free version of Malwarebytes Antimalware. 
You can find all sorts of freeware programs here
You might try some of the programs listed in antimalware, antivirus like Spybot Search & Destroy and AdAware. 
It is also a possability after doing everything you can, you may have a rootkit.  Remember to backup your data, write down all your account information, programs and preferences before you delete the partition and start over.


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